Our Story

Since 2016


the Hangzhou Westlakers have been Zhejiang province’s only genuine ice-hockey league. It currently consists of 3 teams and is one of the most diverse amateur sporting leagues in South Eastern China; they have players from Canada, China, France, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Russia, the UK and the USA. 

The Gazebowl


 Every week, the teams of the The Westlakers Hockey League battle for the honor of taking home the much coveted “Gazebowl” -- the illustrious trophy that is awarded to the first-place team every season. 

Feel the Excitement


 The games are fast-paced, exciting and swarming with fans who come for the incredible thrill of watching live hockey. The Hangzhou Westlakers are also one of the fastest growing sports leagues in the province – in the last 3 years alone, their membership has grown almost 5 times its original size. They frequently host incredibly entertaining events such as draft parties and Gahzee-Bowl Bashes. Anyone is welcome to attend the events, where you can experience first-hand the camaraderie and spirit of ice-hockey. 


The Benefits


Players of the Westlakers Hockey League are frequently invited to hockey tournaments throughout Asia and abroad. In 2018 alone, members of the Westlakers have been invited to play in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Taiwan, Korea and Australia.

Even local businesses have been keen to contribute to the league and reward their success; the team has many sponsors, one of which is a major sports-equipment manufacturer. To sweeten the pot, every league member also receives discounts at some of the hottest bars and restaurants in Hangzhou!


Join Us Today


The Westlakers proudly boast over 200 followers in their WeChat group, and it’s no wonder – they have been known to host games open to the public with free beer for their fans!


Come Play Some Hockey!


If you’re curious about joining the 2018/2019 season, want to test your skills on the ice at a Thursday night practice, or just have questions, please contact Frank on WeChat: frankfulanke.

Don’t suffer any more boring Mondays: make a change with a fun and exhilarating pastime paired with a great work-out (and maybe a beer or two) --- 

Join the Hangzhou Westlakers!